Isomalt Basics

  • Heating CakePlay Isomalt Properly for Pouring

  • Melting and Pouring CakePlay Isomalt Sticks

  • Coloring CakePlay Isomalt Sticks

  • Restoring Clarity to CakePlay Isomalt Decorations

  • Dusting & Painting CakePlay Isomalt Decorations

Decorating Basics

  • Drizzle Decorations with CakePlay Isomalt

  • Bows, Curlicues, & Loops with CakePlay Isomalt

  • Assembling Butterflies with CakePlay Isomalt

  • Making Isomalt Gems with CakePlay Isomalt

  • Placing CakePlay Isomalt Gems on a Fondant Cake

  • Building an Isomalt Cake Plate

Advanced Decorating

  • Blowing Bubbles with CakePlay Isomalt

  • Isomalt Pumpkin with Peggy Tucker

  • Cast a Realistic Isomalt Bottle

Live Demos

  • Isomalt Lollipops at Sweet House Las Vegas

  • Oriental Stringwork with Peggy Tucker
Next Events

Spokane WA 2017 ICES Convention & Show
August 3 - 6, 2017

The Convention Center is next door to The Davenport Grand

Cake Camp 2017
August 10 - 13, 2017
M Resort Spa Casino
12300 Las Vegas Blvd S
Henderson, NV 89044
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